The Maine Lobster Festival is Here!

August 2, 2016 by captain swift inn

When most people think of Maine, they think of Maine lobsters.

We’ve met people from all over the world who come to Maine just for a taste of our famous crustacean.


The Maine lobster industry is huge… Each year, lobsterman catch more than 100 million pounds of lobster, adding hundreds of millions of dollars Maine’s economy.

Lobstering in Maine goes back more than 400 years…

The first recorded lobster catch happened in 1605. While today lobster is considered a delicacy, centuries ago, lobster was “paupers food.” This is due, in part, to its abundance and easy availability at the time.

This week – from August 3 to 7 – we’re celebrating lobster at the 69th Annual Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine.


There will be plenty of fresh steamed lobster to eat. As well as lobster rolls and lobster Caesar salad. And you’ll find other great options like steamed Maine clams and fresh Maine mussels. If you still have room for dessert, check out the homemade Maine blueberry cobbler (one of our favorites).

There’s not just awesome food… Here are just of few of the events going on:

  • Smokey’s Carnival
  • The Art Show at Main Street
  • The Big Parade
  • Coast Guard base tours
  • The International Great Crate Race
  • And so much more!

There will be music performances throughout… from jazz to bluegrass. Diamond Rio will play some of their hits on August 5. And Smash Mouth takes the stage on August 6.

From great food to activities for the whole family, you’ll have a hard time squeezing everything in, but you’ll have fun trying.

To see a full list of events, visit

Your innkeepers,

Linda and Norm

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of lobstering in Maine, check out the University of Maine’s historical timeline. If you want to learn more about lobsters, Visit Maine has a great guide here.

July is National Blueberry Month

July 8, 2016 by captain swift inn

Happy National Blueberry Month!

Did you know Maine’s state berry is the wild blueberry? We use blueberries all of the time here at the Inn. And we’re headed into prime blueberry season, which means we’re loading up!

We buy hundreds of pounds of blueberries each year. We put them in pancakes, waffles, crepes, casseroles, parfaits, and more!


Not only are blueberries delicious, they’re also extremely good for you. They help lower you risk of certain cancers, lower you cholesterol, and even slow aging! (Hello fountain of youth!!)

Today, we wanted to share a great article we read about the health benefits of eating blueberries and some of the best ways to enjoy them. (We’re pretty sure our parfaits would make the list!)

Give it a read and let us know your favorite ways to eat blueberries!

How to Enjoy the World’s Best Fruit

Your Innkeepers,

Linda & Norm

Gnorm And His Grounds Crew!!

June 22, 2016 by captain swift inn


New Plants

It’s that time of year again, at least here in Camden. Gnorm and his boys have been hard at work beautifying the grounds for the season! As you can see, he has lots to choose from after a trip to Plants Unlimited, a great local nursery. Gnorm loves to use local sources whenever possible.



As everyone knows, gnomes work at incredible speeds, so it’s easy to get “before” shots, and the finished product is always great. However, there is no camera that is fast enough to catch them actually doing the work. Not bad for a bunch of guys who are almost a millenium old!

Ga 1IMG_0824


Above we see Gneil with the hanging planters along our rails that he planted, under Gnorm’s watchful eye of course. These boxes will provide the Captain Swift with the flowers we use to decorate our delicious breakfasts! Best of all, all these gorgeous plants are edible, too! The lovely hanging planters hanging from tthe eaves were a group effort by all the boys.



The flowers around the Inn’s sign and along the sidewalk at a great curb appeal. The hostas were relocated from our other gardens by Gnorm, the true leader and workhorse of the group, and the flowers are curtesy of Gned, who’s busy reading up on his next project, no hints yet on what it may be!


Gnick and Gnate

Not to left behind, Gnick and Gnate have been extremely busy, also. They have been potting the delicious herbs that flavor all our wonderful starters and main courses here at the Captain swift Inn! Come stay with us and be treated to a filling breakfast to give you energy to explore Camden and the area.

Beech Hill640px-Schooner_Isaac_EvansDSC_0037

Take a hike and see great scenery! Enjoy a wonderful 2 hour sail on a historic Camden windjammer and see Camden Harbor from a different viewpoint! Rent a bike and tour the area, like Gnorm.

LooHoo Balls Are Here!

March 20, 2016 by captain swift inn

As part of the Captain Swift Inn’s efforts to sustain our environment, we are now using LooHoo Balls in our dryers. These are a natural alternative from local Camden resident Cyndi Prince and are a replacement for disposal dryer sheets. They are made in Maine with 100% domestic wool!

“LooHoos are made entirely with 100% domestic wool. We’ve committed to using only US wool in order to support American Sheep Farms and the US Farming Industry. Our wool comes from sheep farmers that raise their sheep humanely.

Our wool is processed in a historic wool mill in central Maine. They have a strict policy that supports animal welfare standards and encourages and supports the farmers that they buy from to use best management practices as established by the USDA.”


Maine Maple Sunday is Fast Approaching!

March 8, 2016 by captain swift inn


Every year, on the fourth Sunday of March, we celebrate Maine Maple Sunday.

This is the day the Maine Maple Syrup Producers open their doors and invite the public in for educational demonstrations, Sugarbush Tours and, best of all, samples of maple syrup and more great Maine maple products! (Our family is a fan of maple candies!)

Maple syrup adds more than $27 million to Maine’s economy. Producers in Maine make enough syrup to fill an Olympic-sized pool! And our state has a long history of producing maple syrup…

The art of making syrup was handed down to us from the Native Americans. When the colonists arrived they brought a great addition, iron kettles. Maple syrup is made by boiling down the sap from maple trees and it takes 30-40 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of great syrup. These kettles made it easier to boil down the sap without burning up the pot.

To get the sap from maple trees, you need to “tap” the trees using a spile. It’s sort of like putting a faucet into a tree and out comes “sweetwater.”

The sparkling clear sweetwater flows from about late February through sometime in mid-April. Once the spring run starts the syrup makers work round the clock harvesting the sap, up to 60 gallons from a good tree, because the sap must be processed in a few hours to keep it from spoiling!

On Sunday, March 27th dozens of maple producers throughout the state are celebrating Maple Sunday. (You can view a map of participants here.) You can learn more about the history, how maple syrup is made, and enjoy delicious treats!

Here at the Captain Swift Inn, we love using Maine maple syrup in our recipes… It’s not just for pouring over you pancakes or waffles. One of our favorite recipes is our Roasted Pears with Maple Orange Sauce.

So come to Camden, Maine and visit one of our great Maine Maple Producers on Maine Maple Sunday, March 27th for fun and great syrup!

We hope to see you!

Your innkeepers,

Linda & Norm

Christmas by the Sea

November 29, 2015 by captain swift inn

We’ve stuffed ourselves at Thanksgiving… and now the Christmas season is in full swing!

We’ve already decked out the Captain Swift Inn in Christmas decorations…


And Camden is gearing up for one of our favorite weekends – Christmas by the Sea.


Next weekend, December 4 through December 6, Christmas invades Camden.

For more than 20 years, the first weekend of December has been dedicated to getting people into the holiday spirit. And this year is no exception.

All weekend long, we’re celebrating the holidays in true New England style. From right here to Camden to Rockport and Lincolnville, there will be plenty to do for the young (and the young at heart)…

Friday, get discounts at restaurants and special sales at stores in downtown Camden through 9:00 pm.


Watch the floats roll down Main Street in Christmas by the Sea Parade at 6:00 pm. Warm up with hot cocoa, cookies, and holiday tunes at Camden National Bank. And don’t miss the Community Tree Lighting Ceremony at Harbor Park!

On Saturday, run the toughest 5k in Maine – the Frozen 5k – at Point Lookout and browse local wares at the craft fair at Windward Gardens.

It wouldn’t be Maine if Santa just showed up in a sleigh… Santa – and his helper is Ellen the Elf – come into Camden Harbor on a lobster boat. He’ll be around Saturday and Sunday for the festivities. And kids can get their photo taken with Santa (for FREE!).

On Sunday, take the kids down to Camden Public Library for the holiday book fair or take in the Atlantic Ballet Company’s version of the holiday classic, The Nutcracker, at the Camden Opera House.

For a full schedule of events visit:

No matter what you do, make sure you take a glance at Mt. Battie are you wonder around Camden. For over 50 years, the Camden Lions Club has lit a start on the top of the tower at the summit of Mt. Battie.

Don’t miss Camden at its best this winter! We still have some rooms available, so call us at (207) 236-8113 to book now or book online.

Happy Holidays!

Your Innkeepers,

Linda & Norm

Harbor Arts Show in Camden, Maine!

July 10, 2015 by captain swift inn

Join us in Camden, Maine on July 18th and 19th for the Carol Sebold Harbor Arts and Juried Crafts Show! Still a few rooms left! Camden Harbor Arts

Recipe of the Week at The Captain Swift Inn in Camden, Maine!

July 6, 2015 by captain swift inn


Starting this week we will feature a different recipe for the great things we serve here at the Captain Swift Inn! What’s your favorite? Tell us and on Wednesday we’ll tally the votes and post the recipe on Friday! Let us know what you liked the best during your stay here in Camden, Maine!


July 5, 2015 by captain swift inn






Sorry, imagine my embarrassment, I misunderstood!
Gnorm said there are gnomes eating nasturtiums in the garden!
Well, it was an honest mistake! Look how great the herbs and edible flowers Gnorm raises are doing! The humans here use them to grace the great breakfasts here at the Captain Swift Inn in Camden, Maine!
They certainly look big and healthy enough to eat a gnome! I’m not turning my back on any of them!

IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1888 IMG_1889

Happy 4th of July from Captain Swift Inn, Camden, Maine!!

July 3, 2015 by captain swift inn



Happy 4th of July from the boys, Gnorm, Gneil, Gned, Gnick and Gnate invite you to join them in Camden, Maine for fireworks at 9 pm in the harbor. During the day there will be free concerts in Harbor Park and the Amphitheater! Don’t miss the fun!



Sailing season begins

May 16, 2015 by captain swift inn

A sure sign of the start of a new season, the Windjammers are setting sail! Welcome back one and all! There are few better ways to spend two hours in Camden than on a great windjammer. One of our favorite things to do, meet the great captains of these historic vessels as you motor out of the harbor, then watch the sails spread and feel the wind catch them. Enjoy the stories told by these fine sailors during the peace and quiet of the ride. Take in the beautiful scenery of Maine’s gorgeous coast. Return to the dock with a new and relaxed spirit! Stay with us and we’ll book one of these great sails for you while you’re here.