Squirrel Hunter’s Savings

October 23rd, 2016 by captain swift inn

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Ajax says, “Help Me Please!”
Ajax and I were strolling about the grounds here at the Inn, the great squirrel hunter and I were talking, yes, I speak fluent Westie, and he asked me to help him find some squirrels to chase. This time of year they are typically busy gathering for the winter, but they take the time to stop on our railing and look in to taunt Ajax.
As you can see, he stopped several times to look both ways, as he does when he crosses the driveway, but didn’t see any of the critters. We both know that they are hiding in the beautiful Fall foliage of our trees and are looking down and laughing at us!
We walked until we saw this gorgeous sunset and we decided to take up the hunt tomorrow.
Please search Ajax’s photos closely and let us know if you find any of those pesky squirrels in any of them. Better yet, why don’t you come to the Captain Swift Inn and help Ajax find the squirrels, he will give you a “Squirrel Finder’s” rate for our suites of $175.00  per night, plus tax, through the end of October, 2016.